Danish Coffee

The perfect Irish Coffee is a - Danish Coffee

When it is cold outside, and you could need a proper winter warmer - this is a drink for you. This variation of Irish Coffee has all the ingredients to keep you warm.


- Double cream

- One cup of coffee

- 2-3 cubes of brown sugar or sugar cane

- 4 cl Stauning Rye Whisky

- Fire


1. Whip the double cream into a semi-fluid state - not too stiff

2. Make a black coffee / Americano from your favourite beans

3. Dissolve the sugar in the hot coffee

4. Measure the whisky and pour it into a cup or glass

5. Set the whisky on fire and let it burn for 10 seconds

6. Mix the whisky with the coffee

7. Carefully top up with a layer of cold whipped cream


Done! Enjoy your refined Irish Coffee in cosy surroundings on a cold winter day.


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