Scanhattan Cocktail

A Nordic version of a classic cocktail

You know the great Manhattan Cocktail, but could it be even better? Just maybe, a Scandinavian version could do it! It speaks to the Norse in us...  


- 50ml Stauning Rye

- 25ml Sweet Vermouth

- 25ml Tillman’s Organic Rhubarb Cordial

- 2.5ml Gammel Dansk Bitters

- Glass: Coupette

- Garnish: Maraschino Cherry


1. add all ingredients to an ice filled Mixing Glass

2. stir for 15-20 seconds before straining into Coupette

3. add a Maraschino Cherry and serve

It's that easy! Enjoy a refined Manhattan with a nordic twist - a Scanhattan.


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Scanhatten Cocktail manhattan with stauning whisky and gammel dansk bitters



Photography by Matthew Hastings @blackrockmatt
Drinks by Troels Knudsen @drinkstherapy