Stauning Boulevardier

Boulevardier - The long lost cousin of the Negroni

A classic cocktail that faded, once gin and vodka drinks got popular. This whisky cocktail has near the same components of a Negroni, but the whisky makes it even more rich and intriguing.

Stauning boulevardier cocktail with danish whisky like negroni drink


- 30ml Stauning Rye

- 30ml Cherry Heering

- 30ml Campari

Glass: small wine glass

Garnish: Maraschino cherry



1. Stir all ingredients to a Mixing Glass

2. Pour it into your wine glass and drop the cherry in


It's that easy! Enjoy your cocktail like it's 1929.   



Photography by Matthew Hastings @blackrockmatt
Drinks by Troels Knudsen @drinkstherapy