Stauning Curious with Danish Smørrebrød

Stauning Curious is a New Make - the unaged hearts of the pot still - the raw spirits untouched and unchanged by maturation.


Curious is made from sweet West Coast water, malted rye, malted barley and mellow local peat.

How do we drink it? Here is a suggestion...

Try chilling it in your freezer to way below 0 degrees Celsius - Danes do that to their snaps and aquavit and serve it with traditional Danish open sandwiches - better known as smørrebrød.

The rye- and barley-based rye bread perfectly compliment the rye- and barley-based spirit and the traditional salty and smoky topping goes very well with the peat smoke.

That's what the Research Series is all about - Curiousness and discoveries...


In the photo three pieces of delicious smørrebrød from Aamanns - a restaurant, you should absolutely visit.

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