Stauning Kaos Manhattan Cocktail

Pure class in a glass - The Manhattan cocktail. Sweet and complex yet easy to make with Stauning Kaos Whisky.

It's one of the most iconic and classic cocktails - traditionally based on rye whisky. You'll need just a few ingredients to make this drink. Stauning Rye or Stauning Kaos work very well in this classic cocktail.


- 5 cl Stauning Kaos

- 2 cl sweet Vermouth (Try e.g. Punt E Mes, Antica Formula or Cocchi Vermouth de Torino)  

- 2 Dashes Angostura bitters


1. Combine ingredients and stir over ice

2. Strain into a coupé glass

3. Add a single cherry 


And there you have it. A simple Manhattan cocktail with beautiful taste!


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Stauning Manhattan cocktail drink rye blended whisky