Stauning Rye - January 2020

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Danish Malted Rye Whisky

Looking for Stauning Whisky from outside Denmark?

Due to restrictions on trade involving alcohol across borders, we are not able to ship bottles outside of Denmark. The best we can do is to guide you towards our international distributors.

 Try your luck at our international distributors and larger Danish webshops - they ship to almost anywhere in Europe and the rest of the world... 

Stauning Rye is a true classic in our product range, and the first official whisky to be released from Stauning Whisky - Rye First Impression - back in 2010. The production methods has been refined since then, but the traditions remain. The spirit is still distilled in traditional direct-fire pot stills which results in a complex whisky with lots of nuances to explore. It is a straight rye whisky since it contains no artificial flavour or colouring and it has been matured between 3 to 4 years. 

The rye and barley base make this whisky the perfect companion to Danish rye bread. Stauning Rye is basically the liquid form of rye bread. Try it as a substitute for snaps or aquavit or use it in your preferred whisky cocktail - a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned could be great choices! Check out our Drinks & Notes for a few other suggestions.

About the whisky

Stauning Rye contains only floor malted rye and floor-malted barley. This makes it something very special in the world of whisky. At Stauning Whisky we do all processes on-site, and it means that we can handle the malting of the rye. 

It's warm, friendly and fresh at the same time spicy, bold, full-bodied and seems considerably older than the age suggests. One clearly tastes the Rye and recognise the scent of freshly baked rye bread.

Everything is made on-site at the distillery using only local raw materials and traditional production methods:

- Floor malted local barley
- Floor malted local rye
- Double pot still distilled
- Direct-fired stills

- Local water of superior quality
- Non-chill filtered
- Matured and bottled on site
- Terroir product of Denmark 


Denmark, West Jutland, Stauning.


Distilled 2016 – Bottled January 2020


Dark amber


Caramel, honey, orange, pear, mint, vanilla, cinnamon, oak


Caramel, vanilla, rye bread, liquorice, pepper, dried fruit, apple and oak


Very long, vanilla, liquorice, dried fruit, oak and spicy

Bottle size

50 cl.

Alcoholic strength

50.00% ABV