Stauning whisky whisky Stauning Bastard

Stauning Bastard

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Malted Rye Whisky - Mezcal Finish

Second edition in our experimental Research Series

Research Series is our playground. A place where we allow ourselves to try out new ideas, to experiment and think out of the box. In Stauning Bastard Denmark meet Mexico in a very successful experiment...

Every edition of Research Series is decorated by an artist. The artwork for the previous edition Stauning Curious was made by tattooist Thit Hansgaard. We liked her work so much that we opted to have her make this bottle as well.

What we have discovered is that especially our rye whisky is very good at extracting flavour from casks - and that it does so very fast. Experimenting with different casks is very exciting and the results are often surprisingly good! 

So what is Bastard? The Base spirit is our rye new make (70% malted rye, 30% malted barley). Matured in heavy charred virgin oak casks for about 3 years. Then we moved the whisky to 5 wonderful Mezcal casks from Oro de Oaxaca - and 6 months later we have Stauning Bastard. Rye Whisky like you never tried it before.

Everything is made on-site at the distillery using only the best raw materials and traditional production methods:

- Local floor-malted barley
- Local floor-malted rye
- Local Stauning water

- Direct-fired stills
- Double pot still distilled

- Matured on-site
- Bottled on-site
- Unfiltered and not chill-filtered / Some residue may appear



Denmark, West Jutland, Stauning.


Distilled in May 2016 – Bottled November 2019


3 years in Virgin American Oak Casks + 6 months in Oro de Oaxaca Mezcal casks
Bottles 2194 bottles - 220 for sale on the webshop.


Dark amber


Sweet pipe tobacco smoke, raisins, oat biscuit, citrus, oak


Tobacco, barley, dried fruit, brown sugar, molasses, shortbread, oak


Slightly smoky, salty, long sweet brown sugar

Bottle size

50 cl.

Alcoholic strength

46.30% ABV