stauning whisky whisky Stauning Heather - May 2019

Stauning Heather 2019 - Single Malt Smoked Whisky

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Limited Edition - Single malt whisky & smokey taste from local Danish heather


Meet Heather, Peat's gentle little sister. Traditionally, whisky makers dry the malted barley with peat. This results in a powerful, smoky flavoured whisky. We have lots of peat in our region of Denmark, and we love what it does to our whisky – but our region is also covered in heathland. Actually, you could say that this is our true terroir. We wanted to express this in our whisky, and therefore we created the world’s first single malt smoked with nothing but heather. 

Stauning Heather is a single malt whisky that appeals not only to fans of peat smoked whisky. The smoke is very gentle, delicate and sweet - it is not overwhelming.  

Stauning Heather takes you to the heath of West Jutland and leaves you standing there in your wellies on a rainy summer day. 



Stauning Whisky - Stauning, West Jutland, Denmark


5 to 6 years old casks.

- 5 x 1st Fill Maker's Mark - 200 litre
- 2 x 1st Fill Oloroso Sherry - 220 litre
- 1 x Virgin American Oak - 200 litre

Distilled 2013/2014 – Bottled May 2019

Batch size

Total number 3041 - Individually numbered.

Only 550 available on our webshop.  




Gentle smoke, tobacco, leather, beeswax, bonfire, cork, honey, barley, brown sugar and chocolate


Smoke, chocolate, barley, nougat, liquorice, smoked meat and pencils


Complex gentle smoke, vanilla and butterscotch. Appetizing and mouthwatering. 

Bottle size

50 cl.

Alcoholic strength

48.7% ABV