Stauning Kaos - April 2019

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Looking for Stauning Whisky?

Due to restrictions on trade involving alcohol across borders, we are not able to ship bottles outside of Denmark. The best we can do is to guide you towards our international distributors.

Also we may have sold out - but - try your luck at our international distributors and larger Danish webshops - they ship to almost anywhere in Europe and the rest of the world... 

It is an extremely versatile whisky. Drink it neat like a scotch, add ice for a bourbon/rye feel or use it in your classic whisky-based cocktail - Try making a Kaos Manhattan (5 cl Kaos, 3 cl sweet vermouth and a dash of bitters).

In Whisky Bible 2017 Jim Murray gives the 2016 edition Kaos 94,5 points and thereby a Liquid Gold Award.

Jim Murray quote:

Taste: "just too ridiculously beautiful""So many questions... so many confusing but magnificently delicious answers".

Stauning Kaos is a very unique whisky. This time it is a mix of four of our core-products - Stauning Traditional + Stauning Heather + Stauning Peat + Stauning Rye. A bit of smoke, a bit of spice, sweetness and a lot of complexity and structure. 

Everything is made on site at the distillery using only the best raw materials and traditional production methods:

- Local floor malted barley
- Local floor malted rye
- Local peat
- Local heather
- Local water

- Floor maltings
- Direct-fired stills
- Double pot still distilled
- Matured and bottled on site

The whisky has aged for an average of 3 to 4 years in a mix of 1st Fill Makers Mark Bourbon casks and Virgin American Oak - Heavy Char casks.

- Unfiltered and not chill-filtered. Some residue may appear. 

- The total number of bottles made: 3112 pcs.


Nose: Delicate smoke, cereals, chocolate, oak, caramel and cinnamon.

Mouth/Taste: Smoked chocolate bar, nougat, light molasses, cereals, caramel, vanilla, liquorice, pepper, dried fruit, apple and oak.

Finish: Very long, smoke, vanilla, butterscotch, liquorice, dried fruit and oak.