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Stauning Whisky Drinks / Notes Book

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This book has two front pages and two halves. The first half of the book is the
Notes section. It is a simple note book - a place for taking notes, doing drawings
and jotting down anything you want. The other half, the Drinks section,
is dedicated to tasting and assessing whisky and to whisky based cocktails
and long drinks.

In this book, we have included three different Stauning whiskies and a
Stauning New Make. Each product is described in detail and with extensive
tasting notes. This serves both as background material for our whiskies and as
inspiration. This means that you can venture into the world of thorough whisky
tasting, and practice how to put words on what your senses tell you.
Another important part of the book is The Tasting Notes and The Flavor Table
section. You will find empty sheets for tasting notes. You can use these when
doing your own whisky tastings. The Flavor Table is included in the book as a
bookmark or pamphlet. It can be helpful when dissecting flavors and aromas
from each other.

The cocktails and long drinks in the book are all described with historical
background and why it makes sense to use Stauning Whisky in the cocktail
or long drink. Of course, we have included detailed recipes so you can make
all the cocktails yourself...